April 28 2015

April 28 2015


We had to take a vacation day today for DISNEY RACE REGISTRATION!! This is something we’ve been looking forward to for months, Pookie wanting to tackle Donald’s half marathon and Schnookie wanting to take on Mickey’s full marathon, and we were very stressed about it. We’d read all kinds of scary stuff on the interwebs about the races selling out unbelievably quickly, and all kinds of technical tips and tricks for being able to be right on the switch immediately when the registration opens, and how it was all going to be awful and our dreams were going to be dashed. We started our morning with an early run, then spent a few hours rattling around the house in increasing states of freaking out. Then… at noon exactly… we were on our computers, in a bit of a panic… and then the dust settled and WE WERE IN! WOO HOO! Now we get to start training! (Okay, the races are in January. Now we get to sit back and put off training as long as humanly possible.)

The best part of taking the entire day off for a few moments of online terror was that we then had the rest of the afternoon to do some long-planned outlet shopping. Preceded by a very healthy lunch of an enormous plate of nachos and some fried mozzarella. Because we’re fitness freaks, and that’s just how we roll. Mickey and Donald wouldn’t want it any other way.

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