Antioxidant Juice

Antioxidant Juice

Why would anyone drink an antioxidant juice? Well, because the benefits are said to be many – and varied!

Antioxidants are of course the nutrients in our foods that can prevent or slow down oxidative damage to our bodies. Free radicals are produced when our cells use oxygen through the digestion of food, taking a breath and indeed any physical activity.

Further free radicals form when we eat over-cooked or fried food, are exposed to polluted air or oxidizing radiation from the sun and electrical appliances. Cigarette smoke is a huge source of free radicals, while drinking excessive amounts of alcohol also triggers substantial free radical production.

These free radicals circulate within us, damaging cells, organs and our body’s chemical balance. This damage is thought to be a factor in heart disease, stroke, arthritis, cancers, brain deterioration, aging skin and other worrying conditions.

As antioxidants neutralize free radicals, they are obviously an important weapon in achieving and then maintaining good health.

I am sure you can now see where antioxidant juice comes in!

Drinking blackcurrant juice, for example, is said to help prevent aches and strains following exercise. Volunteers who drank this juice before and after moderate exercise suffered fewer signs of ‘oxidative stress’ and muscle damage than might otherwise be expected.

Nature has given us rich sources of antioxidants and Vitamin C in other fruits too. Here are just a few that can be enjoyed as a juice: blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, red grapes, oranges, strawberries, acerola cherries, plums and Dragon Fruit.

Why not have fun creating different tastes by mixing fruits and finding which combinations are your and your family’s favorites? Of course to get maximum benefits it’s best to use fruits that are in season and known to be local and fresh, rather than imported from afar and perhaps kept in cold storage before reaching the shops.

Not that it’s always easy to tell how fresh is ‘fresh’!

Sometimes it’s simpler (and safer) to take the lazier route and choose from an impeccable source one that is ready-made!

My own favorite – and the one I drink daily – is a delicious blend of pomegranates and mangosteens (two of Nature’s most potent antioxidant fruits) combined with Aloe Vera.

Aloe2Go definitely reaches the parts of me that need to be reached!

This powerful antioxidant juice helps keep my immune system strong and healthy – and could do the same for yours too.

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