AMD K6-2 500 CPU chip

AMD K6-2 500 CPU chip

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) K6-2 500 Mhz CPU chip used (for a while…) in my "main" computer. This chip needed cooling, but only a 40mm fan was used, no heat sink. Taken in Albany, CA by a Nikkormat FT2 with a Micro-Nikkor 55mm ƒ3.5 AI lens (at ƒ32) on Kodak Portra 400NC. Negative scanned into computer by an HP G4010. Dust removal, gamma and color correction done in Paint Shop Pro Photo X2. Vivitar 16A flash used, hand held to the left of the lens.

This was taken 1/2 life-size on the film plane…

Unfortunately, the engraving (or stamping…) used on the bare metal of this chip’s case does not photograph well…

Posted by THE Holy Hand Grenade! on 2011-03-27 19:19:24

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