Alice and Olivia Dresses are Hot Deals for the Urban Lady

Alice and Olivia Dresses are Hot Deals for the Urban Lady
Great dresses aren’t hard to come by with, especially if you are familiar with Alice and Olivia dresses. Sophisticated ladies have more reasons to be happy for, to rejoice and celebrate life as a woman. The dresses by this label are nothing but savvy, elegant and will make any woman feel and look sexy!

The label was launched in the year 2002, Alice and Olivia was created by designer Stacey Bendet through her personal quest to create the perfect pair of flattering and form-fitting pants. Her signature style was loved and had acquired initial success. The “Stacey Pants” quickly became the daily staple and denim alternative for today’s retro sophisticated women. The label of course expanded their horizons with the launching of a cashmere collection back in 2003 followed by a full contemporary collection in 2005 that turned Alice the brand where women who loves the vintage style to turn to.

The continuing success has only made the label to become popular and loved by celebrities in Hollywood. Such unique designs that appeal to the modern woman whether they love the simple elegance or whether they go for the bohemian look, they will surely find great Alice and Olivia dresses to fit their lifestyle and increase their aesthetic value.

The popularity of the label was only blazed more so by celebrities wearing them in red carpet events. The celebrities who have been seen wearing Alice and Olivia dresses were Sophia Bush, Hilary Duff, Annalyne McCord and more. Stars like Eva Mendez and Catt Sadler were also seen wearing Alice and Olivia clothes!

Since its launch back in 2002, the label has also expanded to a men’s line and children’s line at Barneys. The label is sold in over 800 stores around the world in shops such as Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Scoop, Saks, Harrods and Coin Exclesior. Aside from being available in stores, they also have stand alone stones located in New York City, Los Angeles, Malibu, Greenwich and Southampton.

Shoes from their collection are also available in Payless.

The contemporary women’s clothing is definitely one of the favorite shops by women who live in the city. It truly captures the elegance and sophistication of the modern lady who has needs and lives in the urban area. This is a complete one stop shop for women who are into the modern fashion that reflects their personality.

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