AAD021A – Pakon F235 First Scan Sample

AAD021A - Pakon F235 First Scan Sample

Yea !!!! After a long weekend of troubleshooting my computer, and much frustration, I finally got my new Pakon F-235 Plus scanner working !!!! The key fix was installing a USB 2.0 PCI board on my computer, even though I already had USB 2.0 ports on the motherboard. Apparently, they have changed the USB chipsets ever so slightly since 2006 or so, and older devices may have trouble using the new chipsets. Solution: get a backwards compatible USB 2.0 PCI board.
This thing Rocks compared to my other scanners. MUCH faster, with good colors, and little fuss. Just feed in the negatives and away it goes. Took about a minute to scan 4 frames at 6MP resolution with ICE infrared dust removal enabled. Here is a sample from my first run. No preview scans needed, no option setting, no cropping, nothing but fast and effortless scanning! After the scan is completed, you can preview and edit any images as you desire. This image is what I got direct from the scanner, with no tweaks or adjustments. Finally, film scanning as quick and easy as digital ! And in particular, Negative Film scanning that is quick and simple, without needing to play around trying to get the colors right.

AAD021A = 4th strip inserted (D, 4th letter of alphabet), negative frame 21A. All auto saved in the Roll 001 Folder on my hard drive.

Camera = Olympus XA
Film=Fujicolor 100 negative

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