A transparent Social Behavior Can Help Build A Long Lasting Social Relationship

A transparent Social Behavior Can Help Build A Long Lasting Social Relationship

Social behavior is a concept of creating social relationship with the people living in the society. It is the relationship between two individuals or groups forming a society or the social structure. We are in search of somebody every time as we cannot stay alone. That is why; we make friendship with individuals or with people of different strata living in the different parts of the society.

After working throughout the day, a person needs to have some friends to chill out. These friends are capable enough in making a person ease out the boredom of life. We chat with them talk about our day in office. We make fun with them and try to ease out our fatigue and our working in tight schedule in office. Thus we get respite from the work and spend some leisurely moments with our friends.

There are many people who do not care of having such friends. They spend their time in earning money, making money and nothing. They love to spend their life in utter gloom and unhappiness. They only want money and nothing else. To them money must be earned in plenty. Social relation does not have any value in their eyes. They live in the society but they keep themselves alienated from the society as a whole.  They have no friends, no relatives. They don’t go to any kind of associations or clubs. They are separated from the society and keep themselves aloof from the friends and any kind of social functions. Even if people want to mix with them, they never try to do so. After coming back from office, they either spend time by sleeping or watching TV.

Social relation has got some advantages as a whole. These are highly essential in providing fun of life. But sometimes, we have boring friends who ruin the pleasure of life. They do not provide us with any happiness or joy of life. But they do not do so. One should keep away from such boring friends. The problem is not with the social life but with the social relationship that we form.

If we come across a group of friends who are encouraging enough and provide us with the strength of growing up in life then, we will definitely find such friendships or such kind of social relationship highly profitable as well as encouraging. Research reveals the fact that whatever relationships we come across, whether it is small or big, always contribute to our pleasure and happiness.

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