A little magic dust to make things work better

A little magic dust to make things work better

Listening to… – came across DJ Egadz the other day & can’t stop listening to it!

An idea i had a couple of days ago which took a little time to get right – getting the right DOF to get the lights soft enough then getting everything focused without being in the shot myself, then the hardest bit – getting myself in the right place – not a particularly easy task when the camera is 3 meters away – a tiny change in where my hand or face is makes it work or not, & there is noone behind the camera to tell me when i have got it right or am even close lol!.
Just a bit of fun really, but i hope you like it 🙂

Thanks to anyone who comments, faves, notes, adds me as a contact or just plain old looks 🙂 Your time means a lot to me!

Posted by Alex France photos on 2009-10-07 13:53:31

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