From an E-Mail to a lover:

"For the digital man and his digital heart: only the dust of what human connection was and could be. Human beings cannot be turned on and off. They cannot fullfill what we want when we want it like the text and images on computer screens. It is true that there is flesh and blood directing the sometimes symphonic digital self… but the virtual human is a crude vessel. It reflects only what we wish to project of ourselves… a sort of breeding ground of idealistic people who (in this virtual space) believe that our projections (our "profiles") can assert a more controlled, less real (and therefore less likely to fail, to dissapoint, etc.) self.
It makes sense that we would make use of this form of communication… it is easier, it reflects the way that we wish to have our lived spaces (virtual and physical) cater to our desires.

But all in all I don’t (can’t) fully dissaprove of digital companionship… even if I see the shortcomings (amputations as Marshall McLuhan would have said), I cannot deny the fact that this IS the evolution of the human. All I can do is understand its effects and try to help others be aware of them.

The truth is, I don’t know if I’m capable of having serious relationships anymore. I was raised on a veritable market of love. People set up their profiles like booths in a flea-market and I am free to go window(s) shopping at every moment. We are capable of finding love when and where we want it, there is something better right around the corner (follow this link)."

Compunication is:

An interactive performance of digital conversations I’ve had. I dress two participants in computer headdresses which are connected by wire to computer hard drives. The two hard drives are connected to eachother (these are built of cardboard and are not connected to electricity.) I provide transcripts of various e-mails and IM conversations I have had with (virtual) friends and lovers. Many of these conversations were had with people I have never met in real life. I ask that as they read, the participants consider the difference between virtual and face-to-face interaction.

Posted by Zachary Bowman on 2007-07-09 19:35:58

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