6 Basic Human Needs and Basic Needs of a Dog

6 Basic Human Needs and Basic Needs of a Dog

We have got a dog recently. He was a stray and in eager need of a home. He was a living rough and eating out of people bins. We found him and took him to my home. Now we are considering what good things we can do for him. We all know that human need the same basic things from life whether we are human or animal. We need 6 basic human needs to survive. So I’m wondering about the need of my new dog.



He is very gentle but he is huge and very strong, but has the nicest temperament. He was obviously once trained but he is very mischievous and is still only a puppy. Rusty is the first dog I have owned since being an adult, so this experience really is enlightening. Being a life coach, I have found that I have been noting his behavior and what I have been amazed about, is how many human traits he has. You may or not know about the 6 human needs that we all crave Everything that we do in life meets one of the 6 human needs – whether we like it or not! The needs are:


* Certainty
* Variety
* Love and Connection
* Significance
* Contribution
* Growth


Whatever we do meets one of these needs. Even when it is something that we shouldn’t be doing.


For example: I know I should be exercising but I don’t! ..If I think about this, my need for not exercising is meeting Certainty. I am certain I won’t enjoy exercising, I am certain that I will get bored long before it has done me any good – so why start at all! However by finding situations in your life that meet all your needs is fantastic and if you can find ways to have more of these the more success you will have.


A positive example: I love writing and from it I get all 6 of my needs met : Significance – I feel proud of what I have written, knowing that Someone, Somewhere in the world will share my thoughts – how powerful is that!


Variety – I get variety from all the different topics that I write about and research.


Love and Connection – connecting to people from all over the world! The written word is such a powerful, expressive tool.


Certainty – Someone will read my words and I know deep down that this is what I should be doing.


Contribution – If just one phrase or word helps someone then how amazing is that!


Growth – I learn so much about me and how I think from my writing and research I am a never-ending student of life!


Back to my Dog Rusty!


He also seems to need to have these needs met – human or not!!! Significance: He shows he is significant to us by guarding the door, running after the postman and has developed a great bark for people going past in their cars, (which he loves to chase) Variety; Oh yes – socks, shoes, hankies – if Rusty is board then he gets destructive – he needs variety. He is also a little escape artist, all though we keep thinking we have Rusty proofed the garden he still manages to escape!


Love and Connection: As any dog owner will know, he lives to love us, always so pleased to see us and brightens up my day.


Contribution: Not only does he brighten my day, he also calms me if I am feeling stressed. And he makes me walk him. Rusty is definitely contributing to my fitness regime!


Growth: whether it is learning to fetch a ball, rollover or just come on command – he is growing and learning constantly.


Certainty: He has to be included in what ever I am doing – he follows me around, whines if I go out and needs to have certainty that he is not going to be abandoned again! (never!!!)


So whether you are human or animal we all want or 6 “human” needs to be met.


Can you see something in your own life that you love to do and feel passionate about?


Write down a list of experiences that you have from this and see how many of these 6 human needs are being met – you will be amazed!


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