53-365 Alberts Adventures on Webcam

53-365 Alberts Adventures on Webcam

Day 53 and Albert battles technology again.

With another forecast of snow on the way, Albert didn’t want o leave the house, so he could enjoy it in all its glory. However as Albert has been away the last few days, he has not seen Sally, and thought he better make an effort to see her.

So he dusted off an old webcam, and set to work installing it on the computer. As we all know from previous adventures, Albert plus computers equals disaster waiting to happen. While installing the software, Albert managed to corrupt his computer and had to take it to PC world to get it fixed.

They were very friendly there, and even set his webcam up for him for a small price. But this was of no concern to Albert, as he could of spent the next week trying to set it up. Once he got it home, he went straight online to Sally to have a video conversation which lasted the rest of the evening. Through all the stress and distractions, Albert had missed the snow, which had melted within a few hours of landing.

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