3rd Part : We Need More Islamophobia Not Less. Islam Is A Death Cult, Not A Religion.

3rd Part : We Need More Islamophobia Not Less. Islam Is A Death Cult, Not A Religion.
Notice the unfettered ignorance of York. She uses CAIR to quote on crimes against Muslims. CAIR is directly connected to Hamas. Why not just use Al Qaeda as a source? And the numbers of ‘violence’ against Muslims is so small, that I would love to see the methodology. What is a violent act exactly against a Muslim? Quoting the Koran and calling it hate speech? Asking an Imam why he keeps referencing Suras 9 and 5 which advocate violence? Denying a Muslim with no income a loan? Please show your details on all of these dozen or show ‘crimes’ Ms. York and CAIR.

York then goes onto conflate a justifiable fear of a fascist cult with racism, intolerance and violence, linking such attributes to the KKK [a white group formed by the Democratic party, the main political vehicle in the US for Cultural Marxists]; and the Tea Party movement, a mass-movement with thousands of blacks and Hispanics amongst it membership. What a moron. But this is a typical Cultural Marxist. Defend Islam at all costs. Denigrate any who oppose the obliteration of the American Republic. Hate your own civilization and your unique history of enlightened progress and development.

The Muslims can’t take over North America and Europe unless we help them. Islam with over 30 millions now resident in Europe and most likely 8 millions in North America does have a plan at world conquest. Does every single Muslim understand or subscribe to such a goal? Probably not. But no one knows what the individual thinks or does. Muslim Brotherhood documents discovered in the 1990s are however very clear. The Muslim elite, or a cadre within it, certainly desires the replacing of the European and North American systems of government and freedom, with Caliphate rule, based on 11th century Sharia Law. Here is a question for the Cultural Marxist losers. Do you really believe that a planet controlled by Islam is going to allow you or anyone else the freedom to write your Marxist self-loathing stupidity, or allow you the freedom to follow your designs of self-immolation? Fascisms are not known to be progenitors of tolerance, rationality, freedom, or to facilitate a division of church and state – supposedly a very important concern for the Cultural Marxist Brown Shirts, along with Gay Sex [Islam hates Queers]; Feminist power [the female is a slave within Islam]; and Green Power [Islam is completely indifferent to Mother Earth]. Most of the dearly coveted beliefs so strongly held by the Cultural Marxists are in fact totally opposed by the moon cult.

We can be sure of one thing of course. As with Gay sex, abortion, Globaloney-Warming, socialism, and state control, the Cultural Marxists and their media friends will try to change the nature of the debate from what Islam actually is, to one of name-calling. If you oppose Globaloney Warming you are a holocaust denier. If you think abortion is bad, you hate women. If you oppose unfettered illegal immigration you are a racist…..and if you fight against an Arabian moon cult and fascist theocracy, you are an ‘Islamophobe’!

There that makes perfectly good sense doesn’t it. The really smart people are siding with a true pagan fascism. One thing is certain in life. If the Cultural Marxists are supporting a program, or pushing a theology, you know that the opposite position is the right answer. These idiots are wrong on every issue. And calling them ‘idiots’ is exactly the right term to use. And most likely you don’t enjoy listening to chattering idiots.

The Koran is fascist. To read more about Koranic supremacism and Koranic racism, go to http://www.western-civilisation.com.