365 Day 265*

365 Day 265*

Cool! I managed to post a picture exactly like my icon. I’m so inventive.

Moving on – this picture reminds of the end of days. Post nuclear war. End of existence except for me of course. Standing amongst the dust and rubble and grime and dead and shit and just pondering my life.

Explosions in the distance. Bombs flying everywhere. Apprehensive and restless as you give up hope on even living another minute.

I take for granted being able to sit in my little bedroom and type on my broken computer and not having to worry about a bullet flying into my skull or a grenade exploding at my feet.

Lucky me.

I got an email today from my co-worker slash friend slash ex-friend slash ex-best-friend about the 1500’s. As in… the 16th century? It was totally false – everything it was about. But still – it got me to thinking how people lived not that long ago.

I would give my left thumb to just live one day in the life of a regular person in the year 1550.

No internet. No cars. No electricity!!

No pens? No recorded music. No computers. No rock bands, satellites, microchips, telephones – or ANY form of communication but just fucking TALKING (mostly).

No televisions.

No hot showers and no air conditioners.

No advertising. No marketing.

And most importantly…. NO fucking corporations.

No music industry and no FM music stations and MTV cable mass-producing fucking trash down our throats EVERY………FUCKING………DAY.

No cable. No wires. No radio waves. No FCC. No airplanes and ….


No passports. No need for them dude.

No billboards on the side of the highway. Hell…….no highways at ALL!

No smog and no cars and everything involving OIL altogether!

No energy crisis.

No mixing of cultures. No diluting of traditions. No elevator music. No ipods and no video chat.

No “America” …. Whatever that means or is or .. was?

No Xbox. No play station. No yahoo instant messenger. No email. No fucking stop signs and no **SUPER**markets (barf).

No Hollywood. No movies or directors or breast implants or lipstick or Enquirer magazine or tabloids or Budweiser beer or …………..

I’m not a fucking idiot. I know it wasn’t all dandy good times back in the 1500’s. Yet the diluting of culture I see with corporate America EVERY FUCKING DAY with another Starbucks or McDonalds popping up just makes me want to throw up.

I guess my point is this —- We aren’t headed in the right direction folks.

Call me a pessimist or dark or angry or stupid or a non-conformist. That’s fine. I’m actually happy.

But the direction all this shit is headed? Not good. I really would do anything to change it. I’m trying right here. I hope someone reads this and does something.

Start here: Don’t shop at Walmart.


Location: San Leandro, California
Taken: August 27th, 2009
Posted: September 8th, 2009
Album of the Day: De Nova by The Redwalls

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