350/365 365 Days in Colour

350/365  365 Days in Colour

Ides of March Yellow Diskettes

Not to worry. i won’t photo these again for the 365 Days in Colour. It seems that I had my old computer storage system colour coded. Or they just looked pretty when new in the package.

Also, BTW, my neighbor who went to the hospital back in December and then transitioned to rehab in January is coming home on Monday. I spent about 4 hours today finishing cleaning her kitchen and bathroom floors. Wife and daughter and I spent 4 hours Monday dusting, cleaning, and vacuuming to get her house ready for her return. I’m tired tonight, and we head to Milwaukee Friday to pick up son for Spring Break. 4 hour trip up; longer coming back–usual thing (we have to eat somewhere!)

Posted by RevDrPepper on 2012-03-16 02:36:54