315/365 Coraline “Look what Barbara and Keith got!”

315/365 Coraline

My dear Cousin and best friend back in Czech Republic sent us this wonderful gift 🙂 Had to have it made because Keith is not a Czech name 😉 The other has short version of my name that my friends and family would call me back home. Barbara for them is too formal 🙂 There’s more variations of my name that my family and friends would call me, and it’s the same way with any name.

My camera decided to stop communicating with my (or Keith’s) Computer and we tried even to change the USB cord and it didn’t help. I called Canon and they wanted me to send it in, but I’m thinking since everything else is working perfectly well I might just get a card reader (it probably will be cheaper that way), even though the camera is still under warranty, but I have to pay for the shipping… And I’m always afraid that dust is going to get in it. I’ve heard so many stories that people sent their camera to fix it and it came back with dust in it…I’ll have to decide what to do.. Anyhow, I took this on my iPhone.

Posted by BarbaraCZ on 2011-02-19 20:57:32

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