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63 pictures behind, and fall break. I am missing my blog desperately and have decided to dedicate my first vacation as a teacher to catch up on my blogging.

Yes, I am a teacher now and it makes up most of the reason for me falling so fare behind on my blog. Being a new teacher is hard, but more on that later.

The other part of my reason for me falling so fare behind on my blogging might be this horrible picture. It was the last picture I took with my DSLR before getting a little bit mad at it and leaving it to collect dust for ten days using my phone camera instead, which take wonderful pictures for the phone screen, but on closer inspection on the larger computer screen takes actually takes pretty crappy pictures. Crappy pictures are no fun to post, and that’s it basically.

The DSLR can take wonderful pictures under the right conditions, but it is heavy and has a tiny screen that doesn’t show you when your pictures are blurry. Indoor and evening pictures almost always get blurry and I have realised that I am not supposed to be able to take sharp pictures with this particular DSLR whiteout a lugging a heavy tripod or flash around. The camera is just to heavy to hold it steady, and the ISO is just to bad because the camera is old.

In addition the tiny back screen is often impossible to see in the midday sun, which is a pretty wide window of time up here in the north in summer. This picture is for example taken at 4’oclock, and the sunlight is still super sharp making it impossible to see what you are actually doing and that everything is getting ruined by contrast (I managed to fix it a bit in Lightroom, but always having to resort to photo editing is time consuming and impractical). The strawberry picture taken a few days ago was for comparison shot at 20:30 in the evening.

I remember my old “point an shoot” camera being much easier to use in sharp sunlight/low light conditions and I guess I just missed those easy times. Anyway, enough excuses, time to start blogging again.

Posted by Kari Haugsdal on 2012-10-01 08:24:19