3 glasses of wine

3 glasses of wine

Taken for Active Assignment Weekly: Number in daily life

The number 3 seems to come up in my life all the time. Most days when I go to the hospital (long story that I won’t go into), I go to the 3rd floor. As an only child, we were always 3 for dinner. I now feed the 3 pets 3 times a day.

What it took:
This is my first attempt at a still life with anything reflective. What a pain! The glasses were polished as if the Queen was coming to visit, and yet I can see dust spots. I don’t have a macro lens, so in order to get a tight DOF I got the tele zoom out, set the glasses up on the dining table in one end of the room and the camera at the other end. Due to the distance and the fact that I wanted it slightly from above, I had to extend my tripod fully and stand on a step ladder to see the finder! Several shots to get the exposure right. Then loads of shots playing around with the composition. Looking at the shots on the computer, the wall 45 degrees in front of the glasses was clearly visible, so it had to be covered and the picture re-shot. Likewise with a door that managed to find a way to appear in a glass. And a re-shoot. I couldn’t do anything about the reflection of the wooden floors in the liquid. The dark "sun glasses" that all the 3 glasses wear must be reflections and shadows from the other glasses… there’s nothing in the room with that kind of shape.

What I learned:
Next time I try something like this, I’ll need several large black "reflectors" to cover all reflections. In fact, a black "light tent" might be an idea. And a macro lens rather than a step ladder might be a good idea.

Next time I see a glass of wine in a glossy magazine, I’ll take my hat off for the photog who made it.

The silver lining on the cloud? Well…. someone had to drink the wine… it would be a shame to throw it out! 😉

Posted by sunnyUK on 2008-02-02 20:19:30

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