243-365 Change something

243-365 Change something


I want to try and take the days from now until I leave to find good things to remember in pictures – if that’s OK with you, internet.

So yea this is EARLY :O
When we were driving around Belfast yesterday I explained the 365 a little more to Mum, why Im up so late and why I have to take pictures every day. Why it has become more important than any other freelance or personal project I am or have been doing. I think she understands a little better now. She doesn’t really follow it as she isnt on the computer a lot and I’m kinda glad for that detattchment, I would second guess my writing a lot more if they were actively reading every single post. Not that it would change what I write but it might kick up more dust than I would like.
Speaking of dust..

But anyway, Mum told me she would make me get out of bed so I could get stuff done. I didnt like that idea as I was back late last night and once again ended up sleeping at 2am :/ But I did get up and out straight after breakfast. I can’t go on like this with these late nights, dreading the pressure of having to come up with obscure ideas, avoiding producing said pictures until the last waking hour of that day and then fumbling through my post work and writing just to get it done, wishing I had more time when really I have 24 hours (thats over 86,000 seconds) to find 1/1250th of a second inside.

"There’s a lot of ground to cover between zero and one. More ground than exists between one thousand ones and one thousands"this guy, he’s mad but flip me he’s wise.

After Mum had lifted the eggs we played about in the pen trying to get a nice picture, I then showed him around bobby’s house.

BIG change
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