Peak Condition

Peak Condition

It is fascinating to hear what some people have been up to, before and during the lockdown.👂👂
An example of this were the actions of Mrs Trebogus, her sister Trixie Trebillcock and Betty Beswetherick, shall we say these three ladies are of mature years but nobodies fool.👵👵👵

At the beginning of March following their instincts the three ladies decided to move in together. They had several articulated lorry loads of beer delivered by Sharps Brewery, plus quite a consignment from Camel Valley Vineyard. 🚛🚛🚛🍺🍺🍺🍷🍷🍷

Mrs Trebogus always kept much food in her freezer, plus she had a large vegetable garden and of course the ladies culinary skills were legendary, they were well prepared. 🍖🍖🍖🍎🍏🍋🍊

The ladies felt they would be good company for each other, sure enough their hunch was proved correct as three weeks later the whole country went into lock down, which the ladies had no problem with as they were the type of people in common with so many others that did as they were told. The ladies were able to follow instruction, had respect and complied, plus these ladies all came from special forces backgrounds which required them working in some hostile environments, Trixie worked as a bouncer at Mothercare for many years, yes these ladies are tough.👹👹👹

As the lockdown progressed many on line fitness videos sprang up, the ladies were very keen to keep themselves in peak condition so they followed along with many of these workouts, however none of the videos were of such intensity in order to keep the ladies bodies in absolute peak condition, it just did not stretch the ladies enough, Mrs Trebogus had an idea.💃💃💃

She owns a Mercedes ML63 AMG, so the three ladies went into the garage, Mrs Trebogus got hold of the front bumper and lifted the Mercedes up and down in order to tone her arm muscles.
The other two ladies also carried out this manoeuvre, as mentioned they are tough.
Trixie suggested to Betty that she got underneath the Mercedes, put her feet under the bumper and lifted it up and down with her legs in order to strengthen the thighs.💪💪💪

Everything was going swimmingly then Mrs Trebogus had a go as she likes to keep her thighs in special peak condition, there was an enormous crack, Mrs Trebogus’s left leg fell off. Nothing to do with the vacuum cleaner incident I must add.

Like you do, Mrs Trebogus dusted herself off and said this is not a problem as my car is an automatic (You still have to be there) but when the time comes and we are allowed out I still have my right leg in order to be able to drive. So she picked up her leg, hopped over and placed it in the big chest freezer she had in the garage.🏡

Trixie said “you should seek medical help”, no responded Mrs Trebogus we know the rules, we have been instructed to stay home, not to go out, we will wait until the lockdown is eased, I can still walk on the one good leg, do cart wheels with a slight shimmy, so I have nothing to complain about. Anyway like so many people, if we were really desperate there is always someone locally that can help out, that is human instinct. ‍🏃‍♀️💪

The weeks went by, sure enough, some of the lockdown measures were eased and in May people were allowed to drive for over an hour, but return on the same day. Not wishing to trouble the medical profession, Mrs Trebogus went onto the internet to look for alternative medical assistance, one name caught her eye, Mystic Peg, who specialised in limb reattachment services.👩‍💻

As Mrs Trebogus herself had worked with some of our special forces, she respected the anonymity of Mystic Peg who would only provide her post code, and a time to meet.👩‍💼

Like most of us long car journeys need to be planned, first you need a full tank of petrol, how many people keep a full tank of fuel just in case they need to go off at a minutes notice. Mrs Trebogus went and filled her Mercedes with fuel so that they could go off to the secret location.⛽️🚘

The sat nav coordinates were plumbed in and after quite some journey the three ladies reached their destination. Sure enough as our ladies got out of the car a fairy was waiting dressed in a Knights of the round table uniform, yes this was Mystic Peg, she said “come with me”, so Mrs Trebogus, with her leg under her arm, Trixie and Betty followed, they all set off into a park, keeping two meters away from Mystic Peg ‍

Mystic Peg instructed Mrs Trebogus to sit on a special little stool, with a bit of her left hip hanging over the edge of the stool. Mystic Peg asked Mrs Trebogus to align the detached leg against her hip. Mystic Peg closed her eyes, muttered a couple of words and within moments, hey presto Mrs Trebogus’s leg was reattached and working like a new one.

As you can imagine (I can) Mrs Trebogus was so grateful to Mystic Peg for her services and asked what she owed her. Mystic Peg said "it is my pleasure to help good people like you and really it was such a simple job".😇👛👜💷💷💷

Mystic Peg went on to say, “as I have not seen many people for a while could I share a confidence with you Mrs Trebogus. Well don’t tell anyone but during the lockdown we had been made aware of a bloke who drove to this very location who could not see his hand in front of his face.
As none of us were on duty during lockdown he allegedly sat over there on a park bench, he gazed up towards the Magic Castle, bingo his eyesight came back, a miracle and he was able to drive all the way home to London”.🏰🙈😱

Mrs Trebogus responded to the fairy “you just cannot make that up”.😉

Thank you so much for looking at my photographs, the comments and banter you leave are so appreciated.
Have a good weekend

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Bluewater Mint Collectibles – Bluewater New Mexico USA

Bluewater Mint Collectibles - Bluewater New Mexico USA

The good folks at the #filmphotographyproject recently read an email I sent them. I came off sounding an awful lot like a paid shill for

Nope. Just someone who got back into film photography eight years ago and quickly discovered developing costs would limit the amount of shooting I do. I had purchased a Nikon LS50 new in 2007. I now know that series of scanners was arguably the last and best consumer models that would be offered. I didn’t spring for the medium format capable model because that would’ve added $1000 to the already high price tag.

Early in 2017 I started developing all of my film at home. That was the easy part. Scanning, particularly my new favorite medium format film was a definite limiting factor. I looked at everything on the market in 2017 and quickly realized medium format scanners that were worth owning were pretty much used Nikons, going for the same money used as they cost new. Flatbeds were optically limited. And slow. Plusteks that did 120 were slow and unreliable. Imacons were $$$$$. And drum scanners were slow, expensive and spare parts were drying up.

I wanted a workflow that was fast, future proof and reliable. Camera scanning was a good option, and NegativeLabPro really enabled the color negative work, but as anyone who has ever tried camera scanning: the genius is in the details. Namely, handling the film remained an issue. It has to be kept flat, it has to be kept free of dust, and it has to be shielded from flare and reflections.

Back in the good old days there were a number of film transports aimed at the photographic enlarger market. If you’ve checked eBay prices lately you’re going to discover that what was once available free for the asking as high schools and colleges shut down their photo labs are now fetching top dollar. The units are old, subject to years of wear and abuse, and prices for brand new film transports are staggering. If you can even find them. Still, I muddled along with my slow Nikon for 35 and an enlarger film stage for medium format.

When I heard about Negative Supply and their 35mm film transport I was sold. But honestly I was even more interested in their medium format film carrier which they promised would begin development as soon as they hit a stretch target on the 35 model. Well? It’s about time for release of the 120! I am eagerly awaiting my medium format film carrier while continuing to enjoy my Film Carrier Mk1. I know, it sounds like such a simple problem to solve. But my experience as an engineer has taught me the devil is always in the details. This is a niche market, and that means certain fixed costs are spread among fewer units, but in this case the time the Mk1 has saved me along makes it well worth the price. I have about 300 rolls of 120 waiting for scanning so I suspect the Film Carrier 120 will be just as valuable. #

My example here? Camera scanned Fuji Velvia 50 using the Negative Supply Company film carrier Mk1. How good is camera scanning these days?

Good enough to show grain on 35mm Velvia 50. Even with jpeg compression and a diffuse light source.

Good enough I can retire my trusty Nikon Coolscan.

And I can rip through 36 exposures in five minutes at 61 megapixels each.

Dust? Yes. Good housekeeping, antistatic brushes, antistatic blowers and antistatic gloves go a long way. I usually have fewer than ten dust glitches to heal. It goes fast on a decent computer.

If you’re serious about shooting film and want to control the whole process end to end, give these guys a try.

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Back in the forest

Back in the forest

Ah … a calming visit to another one of my favourite summer sunset spots in the New Forest. Watching the calming ripples on the water and feeling a gentle summer breeze. And listening to a gang of youths wheel spinning their souped up Fiats around the dusty car park.

When we arrived, there they were, about 8 of them. 7 were obviously from the same family and they were meeting up with their allowed person.

They eventually exited the area in dramatic clouds of dusts.

With their P plates on!!! (Imagine the monkey emoji which I cannot add on my desktop computer).

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S w e e t

S w e e t

Head: Lelutka Nova @ Mainstore

Body: Legacy Perk @ Mainstore

Hair: Doux – Shy @ Mainstore

Collar: Ahegao – Pet Collar @ Kawaii Project

Top: :: MOMOCHUU :: Hannah Top @ Anthem

Shorts: :: MOMOCHUU :: Mango Shorts @ KUSTOM9

Shoes: dust bunny & con . wildflower sneakers @ KUSTOM9

Backpack: dust bunny & con . wildflower backpack @ KUSTOM9

Visit Our Blog 💻 for credits & info ♥
Anything else you’d like to know, feel free to ask. ♥

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Intel i5 2500 iGPU Crop

Intel i5 2500 iGPU Crop

This was from a full die composite I tried to do but it failed miserably. It is the same one that the single core crop came from. Since people seem to have really liked that one, here is the igpu from that same session. I was focusing my dust removal attention towards the cores, so I did not clean this as much as I would have liked.

Camera: Pixel SONY A6000
Overlap: 50%
ISO: 100
Shutter: 1.3"
Microscope Objective: 4X
Microscope Eyepiece: DSLR Mount
Grid Used: 4×4 (Panning Movement Aid)
Capture Motion: Serpentine
Stitching Software: Microsoft ICE
Stitching Projection Mode: Planar Motion
Additional Software: GIMP for compressing
Image Type: JPG
Image Quality: 99%

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Home Is The New Workplace

Home Is The New Workplace

So blessed to have working computer, espresso machine, and comfortable office area

Fancy Decor
Henrik Desk @ Uber
Henrik Computer Chair (black leather)
Henrik Computer Monitor
Henrik Desk Lamp
Henrik Pencil Holder
Henrik Potted Succulents
Henrik Artwork A (frame texture change)
Henrik Artwork B (frame texture change)
Satie Artwork (frame texture change)
B&W Rug
Bernard Print
17 Jones Aloe Plant

Thomas Cart Console @ Fameshed
Thomas Lamp
Thomas Trough with Stones
Thomas Baskets
Thomas Book Stack
Thomas Mirror
Vintage Camera

Satie Coffee Books
Satie Coffee Machine
Satie Milk Frother
Satie Mug (add me)
Gold Coffee Bean

dust bunny
hanging plants . spider planter
hanging plants . cheese plant
hanging plants . ivy planter

TA TriBeCa Curtain
VARONIS – #APT92 Skybox
JIAN – Ragdoll Cat
DRD – RK – Counter Clutter – Three
Nutmeg – Home Clutter Books Bonus Item

Deadwool– Kojima Jeans
Versov – Kurtov Sneakers
Dufaux – gym hoodie
Gutchi – Alpha C35 Wrist Watch

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How To Improve Gaming Performance On Windows 10

How To Improve Gaming Performance On Windows 10

Laptop Gaming Performance: Improved!

The performance of a gaming laptop and desktop computer at the same price will never be the same. The desktop computer will always work faster than the gaming laptop which will also make your gaming experience better. That doesn’t mean you can’t play any new games on your laptop. If you prepare the laptop separately for playing games, then of course you can play any kind of game on the laptop as well. The biggest advantage of a desktop computer is that any part can be changed at any time. However, the limitation of the laptop is that it cannot update other devices except the memory and occasionally the hard drive. However, in spite of all these limitations, if you take care of some things, you can increase the efficiency of the gaming laptop and you can protect the laptop from slowing down. We will discuss 5 such issues here.

Keep the laptop clean and dust free

This is the simplest but most effective way. You can increase the efficiency of the laptop only by keeping the laptop clean and tidy on a regular basis. This is because dust and sand play an active role in reducing the performance of laptops. Due to the accumulation of dust and sand, the air flow in the laptop decreases a lot and the laptop heats up very fast. And when the laptop gets hot, the processor, The working speed of other devices including GPU is greatly reduced. Which is not at all pleasant to play games. So it is wise to keep the laptop free of dust and sand to prevent it from overheating. However, laptops are not as easy to clean as desktop computers. This is very difficult because all the parts of the laptop are stuck together. So you have to do this very carefully. The best thing for laptops is to use a bottle of compressed air. In addition, if you use a separate keyboard with the laptop, it also needs to be kept clean regularly. Also, be careful not to eat or drink inside the keyboard.

Keep driver updated

Whether your laptop’s operating system is Windows, Mac or Linux. All use the same hardware and architecture. So it is important to keep the computer driver updated regardless of the operating system. Fortunately, updating drivers is a very easy task, only standard operating system updates can cause some problems. But when it comes to updating the graphics driver, you have to do it a little better. However, the Intel graphics card updates itself with the Windows update. Which is not the case with other third party graphics cards. However, Intel graphics cards are not convenient for playing very high quality games. So instead, make sure that GPU management software such as Nvidia GeForce or AMD Gaming Evolved updates automatically. Keep controllers and audio drivers up to date.

Keep the graphics card’s cloaking right

Each component is designed to move at a certain speed, moving above this specific speed is called overclocking. While this is usually the case with GPUs and CPUs, it can be the case with other devices. Fixing overclocking can be a bit of a problem for newcomers as it can have an impact on other devices as well. However, the tools available to control the overclocking of the GPUs of both AMD and Nvidia companies. Overclocking consumes much more power than the laptop needs, so the power setting of the laptop has to be adjusted. Overclocking also increases the temperature of the GPU. Although the problem of temperature rise can be fixed by the cooling system inside the laptop itself, it is important to keep the laptop clean.

Adjust the power settings of the laptop

There are some devices that can run well without any separate power management settings. However, parts like laptops that need to take power from a specific source need a separate power management system. Windows has some power management options, but for a good gaming experience, the laptop needs to be connected to a power outlet. Click on the options below for power management in Windows 10. Select Settings > System > Power and sleep > Additional power settings then High performance. You can also click Change plan settings > Change advanced power settings to see if any settings have been fixed before.

Turn off background software

Before you start playing the game, make sure that the software running in the background is turned off. After shutting down, look in the system tray to make sure there is no software running. The system tray is a part of the Windows taskbar that contains a list of all running software. You have to close the ones you want to close by clicking on the icon. However, the software related to graphics card management must be kept running.

In the case of desktop computers, the functionality can be easily increased by changing any part, but in the case of laptops, this feature is very limited. The processor and graphics card cannot be changed on most laptops. But hopefully following the 5 ways mentioned above will help you increase the performance of the laptop.

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Day 44 (13th Feb) – Intel

Day 44 (13th Feb) - Intel

Project 366 (one photo per day for 2020 taken on 35mm film)

Event: Project 366
Location: Landing at home
Camera: Canon AT-1
Lens(s): Canon FD 50mm f/1.8 + Vivitar 2x Macro converter
Film: Fujifilm C200
Shot ISO: 200
Light Meter: Camera
Exposure: 1/4 @ f/11
Lighting: Overhead LED light + LED torch
Mounting: Tripod – Manfrotto
Firing: Self-timer
Developer: Digibase C-41
Scanner: Epson V800
Post: Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop (dust removal)

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Day 43 (12th Feb) – Heat Sink

Day 43 (12th Feb) - Heat Sink

Project 366 (one photo per day for 2020 taken on 35mm film)

Event: Project 366
Location: Landing at home
Camera: Canon AT-1
Lens(s): Canon FD 70-210mm f/4 in macro mode
Film: Fujifilm C200
Shot ISO: 200
Light Meter: Camera
Exposure: 1/8 @ f/11
Lighting: 2 x LED torches
Mounting: Tripod – Manfrotto
Firing: Self-timer
Developer: Digibase C-41
Scanner: Epson V800
Post: Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop (dust removal)

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