iPhone 7 : My notes

iPhone 7  : My notes

18,09.16:First shots from Friday and today very good results with both lenses (when viewed on the iPhone) – wide (28mm) and telephoto (56mm). Add to the latter water and dust resistant, processing speed and other improvements, and I am somewhat mollified re the cdn surcharge of 35%!

Had my first opportunity to view initial and subsequent shots in Photos for Mac this afternoon. Disappointed with some low light shots mainly due to noise and focus (user error? yes 19.09.16). Compared one with shot taken with both this iPhone and the 6s , and it appeared to me that the 7 was a obvious improvement over the latter.

19.09.16: austinmann.com/trek/iphone-7-camera-review-rwanda

Watched a few online videos of iPhone 7 water tests in increments of 5 feet of depth up to 35 feet (5 minutes). From the latter I will be less concerned about shooting in the rain, although I do not think that it would survive snorkelling for about an hour with it clipped to my swimsuit (as I did with my iPhone 5).

21.09.16: youtu.be/5hRuE2gRGVY

The iPhone 7 Plus’s magical cameras have a few hidden catches

From Apple News, a Flipboard magazine by Dvcdank

"The iPhone 7 Plus has an amazing camera, as many pro photographers have already proven. But Apple may have kept some secrets about the way…

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23.09.16: No manual available from Apple – yet!

"At a glance, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus might be confused for their predecessors, the 6s and 6s Plus. It’s deceptive. The iPhone 7 is perhaps the…

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"Fair criticism of iPhone 7 camera might not matter to photographers

From Mobile Photography Daily, a Flipboard magazine by Mobile Photography Awards

I was raised by careful shoppers in a home where Consumer Reports magazine was like a second Bible. Cars, a new washer and dryer,…

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"bokeh" : iPhone 7 Plus ‘portrait’ mode does background blur better

From CNET on Flipboard

The public beta of iOS 10.1 brings the iPhone 7 Plus depth-of-field effect — and a perfect excuse for us to post pretty pictures of passersby.

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Apple iPhone 7 review: It’s the best iPhone since the iPhone 6S (AAPL) — Quartz

From flip.it/YmrkJR, a Flipboard magazine by flipboard.com/@stlevitt

Before the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were even released, rumors swirled that the phones would be underwhelming, and perhaps…


Check out this video on YouTube:
Surf Test

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Leaving Rossi in the dust

Leaving Rossi in the dust

From "Forza Motorsport 3" on the Xbox 360.

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Broken Bones

Broken Bones

Frustrated, tired, and bitter, his mind two inches from the edge, grasping at the strings of a failed business. In the midst of a suficating afternoon, dry from the urban dust that blew across his skin, beneath a towering, faceless shopping center of chopped computer parts, he fought a man in petty anger. It was there in the bustle, at that moment of futility that he lost his balance in a childlike struggle and fell down on the twelve granite steps below, which made not a sound as his clavicle snapped. Women gasped and stood back. Men watched on with indifference. The pigeon egg soup would speed his recovery, and the cigarettes pasted the time between visits.

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2011 school year just has begun and BMV students are very happy to come back to school. The Principal welcomed the students and the staff for the New Year and the routine works started thereafter. There were a lot to be cleaned and students hurriedly worked to finish the cleaning. Some were cleaning classrooms; others were cleaning the garden etc.
The computer lab also underwent full cleaning as Mr.Aruna Annually washes the computer lab. The Students who are following GIT and ICT were asked to be part of this process but others were there too. First we cleaned dust inside of the computers using a hand blower and then cleaned all the connecting cables. Then the tiles were washed using detergents by Grade 12 and 10 Girls.
This took almost the day. Another set of students were washing curtains and other covering clothes using washing machine and fetched new fresh curtains by the end of the day one. Then we had Lunch all together @ computer lab. After connecting all the computers back to the power and local network we left the school.
The next morning we came back and went to clean our pico hydro power plant. Aruna sir and Grade 12 girls and Grade 11 and 10 Boys were there. They cleaned the upper dam first. It was muddy and garbage blocked water supply was difficult to clean.
However we finished it and came down for cleaning powerhouse. We cleaned the power house and we started the power plant. It was working fine after one month closure and the voltage was just 220v. Everyone was happy and we started our new school year with lots of new experiences. Especially Aruna sir gave lot descriptions on how to clean computers using hand blowers and how to clean power sockets. Disconnecting local area network and reconnecting, Restarting power plant, cleaning inside the power hose, filter cleaning and generator maintaining lots of things were discussed.

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The “Queen of the Flowers”


The biggest part of the annual “Flower Festival” is the crowning of the Queen. Each grade presents a candidate, who has to give a speech and walk the runway in front of the audience. Then they go around collecting “votes.” To vote for a candidate, you give her a nickel. All the money that is collected is then given to the school. Last year, the money was used to buy computers. This year, it will go toward installing a new ceiling and windows in the computer lab, to keep dust out. This year’s queen, Brenda from 8th grade, won with a total of about $90. She was crowned by her sister Elda, last year’s queen.

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