086 / 365 [Project 365]

Under The Hood…

Beneath the user-friendly world of the keyboard, monitor and mouse lies and often hidden world of wonder and beauty… the heart of the machine. Although I built my current rig a number of years ago, it still runs smoothly and without issue given a healthy maintenance and backup schedule. Whilst some will tinker under the hood of their vehicle, changing fluids, checking connections and pressures, replacing belts and plugs, this holds no interest for me… my computer is my everything… it keeps me connected to the world.

Thought it’s interface I live a good chunk of my life… my photography comes to life through the digital darkroom… entertainment from movies and music… education through YouTube and photography blogs… friendship through Flickr and Skype… shopping for sundries and big-ticket items… tedium with bill-payment and troubleshooting… it is often near the centre of my universe be it work or play… and as such keeping it running in good order is as important to me as my other activities that together form a balanced lifestyle.

Posted by Untempered Photography on 2014-05-15 16:18:14

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