20120112_9932…A dusting of dust in the Dell

20120112_9932...A dusting of dust in the Dell

This dust-filled area is the inside of my Dell 4700 computer, lying on its side (top at right). Seeing this much dust was a shock (figuratively only, as I don’t want you to think that the computer’s innards got fried).

I was motivated to see how much dust was inside after a computer technician told me that the whining noise coming from my computer was probably caused by the fan, which had some dust on it. I think he said that the dust build-up made the fan imbalanced, which caused the noise. For months I had believed that the noise was coming from the hard drive.

The build-up of dust was atrocious: dust on the heat sink at center was almost one eighth of an inch (3mm) thick! It was pretty bad on the fan’s blades too. Lest you think that I am lazy or inattentive, I hereby disavow any knowledge of neglecting to clean the inside of my computer.

After I vacuumed all the dust out, using my DeWalt 18-volt vacuum cleaner (and special attachments, bought separately, for cleaning tight spaces), my computer was quiet. That pleased She Who Must Be Obeyed, who was getting tired of listening to "that awful noise" coming from the machine. It pleased me too. Without admitting any guilt or wrongdoing, I promise to clean the computer more often.

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