20080411 – Oranjello – just woke up from nap in the airzooka – 154-5416_IMG

20080411 - Oranjello - just woke up from nap in the airzooka - 154-5416_IMG

The Airzooka is every cat’s worst nightmare, and every cat owner’s best discipline tool. Merely brandishing it towards Oranjello is enough to make him get off the table or stop walking behind your computer (where there are sensitive wires). You can also dust cobwebs out of hard-to-reach corners. But again: These are terror for cats.

Yet, despite all this terror, Oranjello seems to comprehend the Airzooka more than any other kitty we’ve owned. Beavis and Misfit who would look at it on the top of the refrigerator like, "Is it going to get me?" We had to move it out of the room, becausethey didn’t even like being in the same room as it! But Oranjello completely understands that the Airzooka is no threat to him unless picked up and pointed at him. You can even fire it in another direction and he wont necessarily leave. Other cats would also run out of the room at the mere sound of the plastic crinkling — but we desensitized him to this early on. (3rd cat is the charm; We got the Airzooka after Samhain passed away.)

Thus, being so smart, Oranjello is quite willing to take a nap in (and knaw at) the same plastic "hammock" that generates the harmless air blast that sends him flying out of the room (so fast his little feet slip on the hardwood) when he is bad.

Oranjello the cat, airzooka.

Clint and Carolyn‘s house, Alexandria, Virginia.

April 11, 2008.

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