1972, Jim Dandy to the rescue!

1972, Jim Dandy to the rescue!

Color posterization/solarization?

Another one from the archives. For a HS project in color posterization. I tried to find a site that explained the process as I don’t remember too much about it. Hey it was 47 years ago and we were smoking a lot of….never mind. The original was a B&W negative, seems like we then used color filters and chemistry to print, turning the lights on during the developing process. Apparently it’s a piece of cake these days with photoshop & computers. I did try and keep the original look other than cleaning up the dust & scratches from an old battered print.

Any way, that’s Jim Dandy, lead singer for Black Oak Arkansas, 1972 at the Peach Tree Music Festival. Seems like they played at every outdoor concert I went to back then. Man, I’m getting old…

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