1966 batman car

1966 batman car

turbines to speed..

1966 Batmobile from the show with adam west speeds onto your computer monitor!
The Batmobile from the 1966–1968 live action television show and its film adaptation began life as a Ford concept car called the Lincoln Futura, built over a decade earlier in 1954. The body of the Futura was fabricated by Ghia of Italy, whose artisans hammered the car’s panels over logs and tree stumps carved as forms to create the sleek manta ray-like car. In 1959, the Futura was featured sporting a fresh red paint job in the film It Started With A Kiss, starring Debbie Reynolds and Glenn Ford. In 1965, ABC-TV chose famed Hollywood customizer George Barris to design a "Batmobile" for their soon-to-go-into-production Batman show. Dean Jeffries worked on the design and initial fabrication for the Batmobile, using a 1959 Cadillac, but when the studio wanted the car faster than he could provide, he turned it back to George Barris. With only three weeks to finish, Barris decided that rather than build a car from scratch, it would be best to transform the Lincoln Futura (bought from Ford for $1.00[citation needed]) into the famous crimefighting vehicle of TV’s caped crusader. Barris hired Bill Cushenberry to do the metal modifications to the car. When filming for the series began, several problems arose due to the age of the car: it overheated, the battery went dead, and the expensive Mickey Thompson tires kept blowing. By mid season, the engine and transmission were replaced with a Ford Galaxie’s. The most frequent visual influence of this car is that later Batmobiles usually have a rear rocket thruster that usually fires as the car makes a fast start.This Batmobile’s gadgets include a nose-mounted chain slicer, lasers, rockets, an on-board telephone, radar, dash monitor, on-board computer, and police beacon. If needed, the Batmobile is capable of a quick 180° "bat-turn" thanks to two rear-mounted 10′ parachutes, and it is equipped with a smoke emitter and a nail spreader to discourage pursuit. Some changes were made during the run of the series, including different license plates, a change in steering wheel, and the addition of extra gadgets such as the rear-facing camera and battering ram. Other devices included:
* Bat-glove Compartment
* Infrared Bat-dust (glows in light and in dark, but only visible when viewed through the Batmobile’s specially tinted windshield)
* Emergency Bat-turn Lever (releases the Batmobile’s parachute that enables quick turns)
* Bat-deflector (diverts a criminal tracking signal, leading them to a miniature Batcave in the middle of nowhere)
* Bat-ray (can do many things, such as open van doors)
* Super-powered Bat-magnet (for opening steel doors from a distance)
* Odor Sensitometer Radar Circuit (puts a certain scent on the radar screen)
* Ultrasonic Recorder (also records regular sounds)
* Batmobile Parachute Pickup Service Signal (calls aforementioned service to pick the Batmobile’s parachute off the city street)
* Emergency Bat-trunk Lock
* Bat-zooka (can fire explosive blasts, or is used to fire bat-ropes to tops of very tall buildings)
* Anti Mechanical Bat-ray (renders mechanical apparati useless)
* Bat-tering Ram (also known as the Bat-ram, used for knocking down reinforced doors)
* Library Paste Bat-dissolving Switch
* Bat-safety Belt
* Bat-radarscope
* Bat-alert Buzzer (in all Bruce’s cars, indicates when the Batphone in the Batcave is ringing)
* Bat-scope (television screen that can be used to monitor someone’s movements)
* Anti-theft Activator (can be disguised as the Start button, fires fireworks from the car)
* Anti-fire Activator (fills Batmobile with extinguishing foam)
* Bat-ray Projector (fires blue ray from headlights that shut down a car’s ignition)
* Hidden Bat-laser Beam
* Homing Receiver Scope
* Inflatable Batmobile (kept in Batmobile for use as a decoy)
* Anti-crime Recorder (with remote radio pick-up, kept in trunk)
* Ultrasonic bat-ray (used for flushing villains out of hiding places)
* High Energy Radar (for probing large, potentially dangerous objects)
* Anti-theft Device (to prevent undesirables from stealing Batmobile)
* Bat Armor (protects Batmobile from explosives; unfortunately leaves tires unprotected
* Automatic Tire Repair Device (automatically repairs Batmobile’s damaged tires)
* Bat-o-meter (for tracking radioactive material within a 50-mile (80 km) radius)
* Tiny TV Transmitter (sends TV signal from Batmobile to Batcave)
* Emergency Bat-turn Lever (for making 360 degree turns when at full stop)
* Super-speed Afterburner (when engaged, the Batmobile goes very fast)
* Bat-smoke (pressing this button releases a smokescreen)
* Remote Control Batmobile Circuit (should a villain steal the Batmobile, Batman can control it by starting this circuit via a relay link in the Batcave)
* Bat-scope (basically a TV which picks up the local stations)
* Bat-photoscope (works in conjunction with the Microfilm Crime File back in the Batcave. Through this device a photo from the crime file can be reproduced in the Batmobile.)
* Alf-cycle
Same bat time, Same bat channel
(holy repetitive comments batman!)


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