190-365 Oh how nice

190-365 Oh how nice


I finally finished editing the video. Clicky!

I shot another time lapse of some cloud rolling in, im keeping it though. I might make a little library of time lapses and stick them together some day. I did however do this as a perfect time lapse. By perfect I mean it was tethered via EOS capture and it took the pictures using it’s timer at 5sec intervals. It looks very smooth indeed and there are some random birds etc in the sky now and then which make it look like film specks/dust 🙂

It’s been overcast and raining for the past few days, set to rain for the next few for definate so thats why there arent many bright pictures.. actually Im just making excuses 😛
I’m hopefully going for a very impromptu shoot with a friend in Rostrevor tomorrow for a bit of mountainbiking photography 🙂 It was something I had always wanted to try and tomorrow’s weather is probably less than ideal but we’re going to go anyway. That is if I can get a lift in :-/

Im in a mood at the minute where everything is really crap but Im doing whatever it is anyway. I’m happy doing them too which I think is more important than taking good pictures. The weather sucks, the pictures suck and Im being way to apollogetic about my work but Im motivated to try anyway regardless of all that. Beats the life out of moping around 🙂

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