18/365 – Moment of Silence

18/365 - Moment of Silence

Sept 11, 2011

Today marks the 10 year anniversary of 9/11.. I’ll never forget that day..

I was working at a company called Epsilon.. Walked into the office and it was EMPTY.. Looked at the clock on my computer and it was well after starting time, so went to the break room and everyone was in there just starring quietly at the TV. By then the first tower was already smoking.. I just remember the billows of smoke coming out of the building… No one was saying anything.. Everyone was just confused and mouths open starring..

Then the unexpected happened.. We all heard the sound first as CNN was covering the smoking tower live.. We heard the sound of the 2nd plane approaching off screen, then we saw it hit the 2nd tower.. Women just started screaming, "Nooooooooo.. Whhhyyyyyyyy?!?!" Some people had to leave the break room because they couldn’t take anymore..

Then the unthinkable happened.. One of the buildings started coming down as if it were wet paper being crumpled in someone’s hands.. I started thinking of the unimaginable force that it must have taken for all of that to have given way that fast.. Because it was reduced to a pile of dust and rubble in a matter of seconds..

I remember seeing the cameras close in on people that were in the buildings waving pieces of paper, clothing or whatever to show that they needed help.. Then I remember seeing people willing to do whatever it took to escape the flames and smoke.. You all have seen the graphic illustrations..

It’s all still so vivid to me, I can’t believe it’s been 10 yrs.. I’ll NEVER forget.

God bless the families of ALL that were lost that day, and for any reason surrounding those events.. The service men, the civil servants, the workers, the soldiers that went to protect our freedoms after that.. EVERYONE!!!

Strobist Info
Canon 550 EX through Cheetah box 24" softbox 1/16 power overhead camera left

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