12/366 12 on 1/12/12

12/366 12 on 1/12/12

6:07a On the treadmill. I started back up on that Ease into 10K program. Again. Slow and steady wins the race…

6:58a Making lunches. Lunchables: a treat for my kids and for me — they love eating them (for some reason) and I like throwing a pre-made lunch in their bag on occasion.

8:11a Parked on my corner at school. Oh yes, I have a corner. First spot behind the city bus stop, across the street from the school. Every morning I pull up, walk the kids across the (busy!) street and then when I go home, I turn right, leading me in the right direction. Perfect. Just don’t steal my spot.

9:16a New slips. I’m feeling crazy in my new animal print slippers. Well, the way I look at it, slippers are an expression of your personality — NOT!!! They keep my feet warm. That’s all. Enough about my slippers.

9:44a More laundry. Sort of like the treadmill. Gotta do it and it never ends.

11:17a Today is the first day of winter – it is crazy that we haven’t t had snow yet! This dusting is only the beginning of what we are expecting…

11:19a Refill. Back at the computer, I am feeling grateful for my hot coffee and warm home.

12:23p Lunchtime. Ham sandwich and cottage cheese. At the computer. Side of crossed eyes, please. I’m working on importing all my nearly 20,000 photos into Lightroom today. No breaks allowed if I ever want to finish.

2:54p Oh, snow. I just emerged from the back room where the windows and blinds are sealed in plastic. I emerged to see… snow! Real snow. And I have to drive it that? Can’t the kids sleep at school?

4:21p Bunny so serious. David, donning his new under-armor for skiing, turned this fireworks light machine into a Star Wars blaster gun. Natch. But there’s Sam behind him giving him the bunny ears. Natch.

6:44p Dinner is served. I love crock pot days. The house smells good. Dinner is made. Tonight is Teriyaki Chicken. Yum.

7:38p Reading by the light of the Force. David says he’s "done with Star Wars." Mmm… ok. Here he is with his new lightsaber wall sconce nightlight, reading a Star Wars book, laying next to Chewbacca with a Yoda alarm clock. Sure, David. Keep reading….

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