10 most eye-catching transparent animals

10 most eye-catching transparent animals

Transparent animals are recognized as the nature’s marvel because of their amazing and eye-catching appearances. From frogs to butterflies, the most interesting feature is their transparency which contributes to animal world’s diversity. The transparency is their advantages to be invisible or make predators hard to see at least in some particular circumstances. Most of those animals are transparent; however, there are some colorful animals in internal organs such as frogs or small shrimps. Let’s have a look at the most amazing animals in the world.


Transparent Butterflies Greta Oto found from Mexico through Panama are commonly called clearwings or glasswings butterflies


Transparent Jellyfish are easily found in most of the oceans in the world. Their transparency is the benefit to hide from predators.


Transparent Frog is also called “glass frog” which is found in Venezuelan rainforests. The internal organs and eggs of “Glass frogs” can so easily seen.


Transparent Salps often habit in chains which are considered to be the most efficient carbon removing organisms on the planet.


Transparent Cave Crayfish in North America have ability of changing from whitish albinos to nearly translucent in appearance


Transparent-Headed Barreleye Fish is so strange with a transparent internal part on head.


Transparent Goldfish looks sparkling under water


Transparent Flounder with a flat and thin body is easy to see the internal born structure


Transparent Sea Cucumber found in the northern Gulf of Mexico is slow in moving but they are hard to be seen by predators


Transparent Squid is so beautiful under dark water thanks to colorful internal organs.




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