1-1 shot 200mm 1st

1-1 shot 200mm 1st

My first "life-size on the image-sensor" shot with the Micro-Nikkor 200mm ƒ 4 AF-D lens, of my Nikkor 50mm ƒ 1.8 lens. seen is the ƒ-stop ring at the normal setting (the D610 refuses to work on program if the ƒ-stop isn’t locked to the smallest aperture…) Also visible is the ridge that makes the lens an AI/AI-s compatible lens. (all AF-D lenses are also AI-s…) (to the upper right of the smaller "11") Taken in Albany, CA by a Nikon D610 at ISO 6400 with a Micro-Nikkor 200mm ƒ 4 ED-IF AF-D lens. Exposure is 1/60 sec @ ƒ 5.6…

For reasons known only to Micro$oft, this is the first image that shows up on my screensaver, when it activates. (The Win 7 screen saver, "Photos", pointed at my D610’s folder of pictures, [Where I upload these shots from, BTW] on another computer in my "Farm"…The photo is neither the first, nor the last, photo in the folder…)

All the dust seen here is actually on the lens, not on the negative (it’s a digital image) or film sensor. (that would be black, anyway…)

This lens is usually used on the camera taking the picture, and has also been used on a Nikon F4s (Update 7/2015: the 50mm ƒ 1.8 is now used mostly on my N75, since I acquired a 50mm ƒ 1.4 AF-D…)

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