003: good morning

003: good morning

003 : 1.03

i got up at almost 11am today, slid down from the top bunk and stood in front of my desk. i examined the state of it.

little paint splatters on the lamp, on the glass surface of the table, on the metal thing at the edge that i don’t quite know the purpose of (the desk is a computer table). there’s dirty water in a shallow, square plastic container, little tubes of acryllic paint in mad disarray within their tray (they’re four years old already and my carelessness has made paint at its mouth dry up, causing the paint to burst from their metal casings). newspaper is spread down the left side, with the face of robert pattinson covered in light shades of yellow, red, green and blue. stray pieces of tissue paper, eraser dust, two A3 sketchbooks. i fix up the space a little, deciding which sketchbook to work on. then i go downstairs to make a cup of chocolate milk.

i thought this was funny, all this mess. i thought it was funny when i found a clean (meaning dry) spot on the newspapers, and set my cup of chocolate milk there. i thought it was funny when i just put the laptop on top of the sketchbook because there was nowhere else to put it.

yes, i dream of a room with a lot of wooden shelving and a sink and space to lay out all that needs to be done. a room where i can leave a mess to be able to go back to it the next day and dive into the process of art with the same intensity. a room where music can play and i can have brunch and dinner and chocolate milk and coffee, and go to bed when i need to.

Posted by adi mari on 2009-01-03 23:31:48

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