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Rare Jewel in a Celestial Tapestry

A rare Luminous Blue Variable star – G79.29+0.46, taken by NASA’s Spitzer Infra Red Space Telescope.

This image is a widefield composite mosaic of the Cygnus X region of the sky between the star Deneb and the Sadr region, taken by NASA’s Spitzer Infra Red Space Telescope. The red circular object near the centre of the image is 79.29+0.46, an extremely rare type of very bright star called a Luminous Blue Variable star (LVB).

This star and the other objects in this image can not be seen with regular optical telescopes that use the normal visible light spectrum, such as the Hubble Space Telescope, because this entire field is shrouded in multiple layers of dense, opaque dust and gas clouds. Visible light cannot penetrate these opaque dust and gas clouds, but infra red light with its much longer wavelengths can.

The infra red light waves are emitted by the space objects in the form of varying degrees of heat energy—longer wavelengths in the red part of the light spectrum—and the telescope’s camera sensors register these different heat energy signals to form images, This is how heat-sensitive cameras today can find people from the air lost in the forest. The above image is composed of 3 separate image exposures taken at three different wavelengths, 5.8mu (microns), 8mu and 24mu.

We then take these different wavelength images and in our computers we assign different colours to the different wavelengths and combine them to form a colour image like the one seen above. Here I have assigned the colour blue to the 5.8mu image, green to 8mu and red to 24mu.

To learn more about G79.29+0.46, LBV stars, and this particular mosaic image go to NASA’s APOD page here: apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap170925.html . Also go here: slate.com/technology/2016/09/judy-schmidt-image-of-the-du… and here: www.spitzer.caltech.edu/images/4868-ssc2012-02a-Stars-Bre… .

Click on image to enlarge.

Data acquisition: Spitzer Space Telescope, NASA
Data processing: Rudy Pohl
Image: RGB image as per colour mapping
Colour mapping:
…. red channel: 24mu Spitzer
…. green channel: 5.8mu Spitzer, + (.5 red + .5 blue Spitzer)
…. blue channel: 8mu Spitzer
Processing software: Fits Liberator, Photoshop CS5
Location in sky: Slightly east of the star Deneb and slightly south of the Sadr region.

Posted by Rudy in Ottawa on 2019-11-15 17:12:54


Fluxx | Issue 4

Hey. This took long enough, huh? Well, do you wanna’ know why? Because I’m slow. Because I was making this video to go along with the part!


It probably would be best to watch it after reading the issue.
It took a lot of time and a moderate amount of effort, so I’d appreciate you watching it.

[Time: 3:45 P.M.]
[Location: Outside FF HQ]

Fant and Scott had more things they wanted to do together and I was starting to feel like a third wheel. So I told them to go ahead without me and that I’d just hang out in the FF HQ.

-Philip floats into the lobby only to find it completely deserted.-

That’s weird, this place was bustling earlier. Oh well.

-He looks around as he floats over to sit on the couch. He flops down on it and immediately regrets it as he feels the pain from the bruises Stan gave him earlier.-

Oof, that’s some pain. What was up with Stan, even? Why would he come all the way to Advent City just to deliver me a beating? Come to think of it, how’d he even know I was here…

-Philip rubs his chin as his mind starts to wander deep into thought…-


-Something flashes beside Philip making him jump back, suspending himself in the air-

What the–Oh, it’s just Recur. (You remember him. Teleporter, on the younger side, likes cookies. I mentioned him in the second issue.)

Fluxx: "Dude, you almost gave me a heart attack."

Recur: "Oops. Sorry."

-Recur tries not to laugh and Philip ends up smirking himself.-

Fluxx: "Heh, it’s fine. I guess I was just deep in thought."

-Philip drops back down to the couch, next to Recur.-

Recur: "What were you thinking about?"

Fluxx: "Well, one of my nemeses attacked me earlier and I have no idea why. It was kinda’ out of the blue, you know?"

Recur: "Hm… Maybe another bad guy hired him to?"

Fluxx: "Another bad guy…?"

But who would…? Nancy. She’s always finding new ways to make my life just a little bit more painful.

Fluxx: "Recur, you’re a genius!"

Recur: "You mind telling that to Mr. Sharp?"

Fluxx: "Uh, maybe later. Right now, I gotta go grill Dr. Nimble."

Recur: "Ooh, ooh! Are you gonna storm her evil lair? Can I come?"

Fluxx: "Sorry, not this time."

Recur: "C’mon, it’ll be dangerous to go alone, take me!"

Fluxx: "It being dangerous is all the more reason you shouldn’t come. I can’t have you getting hurt, remember what happened to Matchstick when he fought that Forge chick? If something like that happens to you… Let’s just say we’d both be in trouble."

Recur: "I guess you’re right…"

Fluxx: "Don’t get me wrong, you have amazing potential! Maybe another time. Ya’ know, a time with less risk of dismemberment."

Recur: "Fine."

-Turns to leave before smacking his forehead-

Fluxx: "Shoot. I guess it doesn’t really matter anyway, I forgot her base is all the way back in New England."

Recur: "Why don’t you just take one of the jets?"

Fluxx: "What? Okay, first: How come no one told me we have jets!?"

Recur: "I just did"

Fluxx: "Second, I haven’t even gotten my license yet. What makes you think I can fly a jet?"

Recur: "You don’t have too, they have autopilot."

Fluxx: "Oh."

-There’s a couple seconds of awkward silence.-

Fluxx: "I guess I’ll do that then."

[Time: 4:30 P.M.]
[Location: A FF jet somewhere in the skies above New England]

Autopilot: "We will be above the drop point shortly, Mr. Delacroix."

Fluxx: "Thank you, computer. And you can call me–Actually, I kind of like the sound of that."

Okay, I better suit up.

-Philip stands up and walks to the door. With unsteady hands he zips his mission suit.-

Autopilot: "Approaching the drop point in five…"

-He adjust his gloves, more out of anxiousness than preparation.-

Autopilot: "…Four…"

-He readies himself and floats slightly as he begins to light up.-

Autopilot: "…Three…"

-The door slides open and wind begins whipping through the cabin.-

One last thing…

-He reaches into his jacket pocket and removes an MP3 player and a pair of earbuds.-

Autopilot: "…Two…"

-He puts on the earbuds and selects a playlist titled "Fight Songs" before shoving the MP3 player back in his jacket.-

Autopilot: "…One. Happy landings."

It’s now or never.

-After a brief moment of psyching himself up, Philip shuts his eyes and leaps out the window.-

Fluxx: "Aaaaaah!"

What was I thinking!?

-At first he panics and starts spinning around wildly. But after a few terror-stricken seconds, a song comes on in his ears.-

"Good morning. Today’s forecast calls for Blue Skies."

-Hearing the music Philip starts to relax and does his best to take a deep breath.-

Alright, you got this.

-As the music picks up speed, Philip does the same as he straightens out. He shoots down like a falcon as the drums kick in and spots his target quickly approaching. He glows with more intensity as he works to slow his descent.-

Here goes nothing.

-The music drops, perfectly timing with Fluxx’s humanly impossible three-point landing. The massive cloud of dust he created dissipates revealing an army of robots with laser cannons all aimed at his face. He smirks before jumping up, riding the explosion of dozens of lasers hitting the very spot he was just in.-

“Sun is shinin’ in the sky…”

-He soars up and hangs a bit before gravity kicks in again and he starts falling back down into the fray.-

“There ain’t a cloud in sight”

While it’s tempting to just go all jedi on these clankers, I’ve got to focus on getting to Nancy.

-Wasting no time, Phil does his gravity boost trick and blasts forward, crashing through any robots unfortunate enough to be in his way.-

“It’s stopped rainin’ everybody’s in the play”

-Phil rockets into the compound only to skid to a stop at a split in the corridors.-

“And don’t you know”

Left, right or forwards… Which way? Ugh, I hate these kinds of decisions…

“It’s a beautiful new day, hey hey”

-Before Phil can decide anything the corridors abruptly slam shut around him one by one. Before he can even react, he’s trapped. And to make matters worse, two remote lasers retract from the ceiling, both aiming at Phil’s frightened face.-

Not good.

“Runnin’ down the avenue”

-With no other choice Phil leaps here and there dodging the more-or-less lethal bolts of energy.-

I need to get outta’ here, fast!

-Phil charges at one of the blast doors, using a force field as a battering ram, only to ricochet off like a glow-in-the-dark bouncy ball.-

“See how the sun shines brightly in the city”

-He’s barely able to recover before he has to keep dodging to unrelenting lasers.-

Okay, one problem at a time here. First problem, these stupid lasers.

“On the streets where once was pity”

-Trying a move he’d only done in practice before, Phil leaps up and delivers a shielded kick to the nearest blaster that puts it out of commission. Before he celebrates he pushes off the wall and crashes into the other blaster, tearing it out of it socket and knocking it on the floor-

-Phil lands back on the ground and wipes his forehead.-

Phew, that takes care of that. Now I just need to do something about these doors.

“Mr. Blue Sky is living here today, hey hey”

-After taking a moment to muster some power Phil grunts as he forces all the doors back up.-

Phil: Gyagh!

-With his path unblocked, he zooms out of the room. He finds some more robots waiting for him, these ones look like they’re designed for combat-

You know what I like about robots…

-Phil attacks the bots head-on. Without over-thinking it he rams, punches and kicks them, all to the beat of the song-

“Mr. Blue Sky please tell us why”

-A punch to the face here, a kick in the back there-

“You had to hide away for so long (so long)”

-Another punch, a shoulder ram-

…I don’t have to worry about hurting them!

-He kicks the head off the last bot and watches it fall, headless to the ground.-

This sure would be graphic if they weren’t robots…

“Where did we go wrong?”

-With the battle over, his goal just around the corner and the music kicking in, Philip takes some time to let the music move him and starts dancing around like a weirdo. (Likely looking ridiculous.)-

-Philip slides across the floor in time the guitar. He turns around to see Dr. Nancy Nimble standing uncomfortably close and staring at him through her round goggles.-

“Hey you with the pretty fa-”

-Suddenly, the music cuts and Philip realizes he can’t move, stuck in place by one of Nancy’s inventions.-

Dr. Nimble: "Hello, pumpkin."

To Be Continued…

Posted by Pip (Philip) on 2019-11-17 01:24:07


bradford pear last color - hss

It was while working on this image, that my aging, beloved mac bit the dust.
Either logic board or motherboard malfunction caused the computer not to be able to be fully booted. See my previous post for what the screen looks like when trying.
It’s taken awhile to get the new one set up the way I wanted.
Lots of googling to figure things out.
And finally, I was able to return to this image and finish it up.

Happy Sliders Sunday!

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Vector application Cleaning Icons set in flat style with long shadows.

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A couple of years ago I picked up an old Niterider trail headlamp from the CCC (used; $5 w/o the battery pack), lopped off the proprietary battery connector, then set it aside for later poking at. Later happened today, when a couple of little lipo batteries arrived for my home dns+dhcp server (a NextThing chip) and I unearthed it when looking for the stack of spare chips (at $8/computer it was worth getting a couple of warmswap units, though I need to pull a -current disk image off the running one and flash it onto the other two. But I digress…) and used one of the batteries to see if light would come out.

It did, and now I’ve got a headlamp for a dust mite (and also a floodlamp for the next time I do a nighttime mountain descent.)

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